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Reaching your audience has never been easier

Gathering insights on niche or hard to find audiences can be a challenge. Sure, you can ask screening questions — but the longer your survey is, the less likely anyone will complete it. How can you keep surveys short and still reach the right people?


Target them in a few clicks.

Google Surveys 360 lets you skip screener questions. Curated audience panels allow you to quickly select demographics to target — or even create custom panels — so you can get your questions to the right audience, right away.


In this feature brief you’ll learn how Google Surveys 360:

  • Puts your survey in front of specific audiences using self-declared data.
  • Has the scale to ensure you reach new respondents — not the same ones over and over.
  • Allows you to work with a dedicated account executive to create custom panels for unique research goals.
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    Feature Brief

    Find out how Google Surveys 360 helps you get insights on niche or hard-to-find audiences.

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