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1. She says I caused the accident
(blames) She ........ the accident
2. Would you like to see the photos I took?
(have) Would you like to ............... the photos I took?
3. I haven't read it for ages, but I loved it.
(been) It ...........  I read it, but I loved it.
4. Although he was ill, he visited other ruins.
(spite) In .......... he visited other ruins.
5. "I'm sorry I told everyone your secret", my sister said
6. "I didn't give the money to John", said Ali
7. "I'll love you forever!" Francis said to Elizabeth
8. "No, I won't open the door!", said Mandy
9. "Why don't we give Jenny a call?" Albert said

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1. She blames me for the accident.
2. Would you like to have a look at the photos I took?
3. It has been ages since I read it, but I loved it.
4. In spite of his illness, he visited other ruins.
5. My sister apologized to me for telling everyone my secret.
6. Ali denied giving the money to John.
7. Francis promised to love Elizabeth forever.
8. Mandy refused to open the door.
9. Albert suggested that we should give Jenny a call.
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I was very interested in our conversation=> It was interesting.....
"should I sound like Misterduncan";"Make it a rule to tell yourself" nghĩa là gì vậy?
Chuyển câu:'" I probably forgot to mention that the deadline is Tuesday. " --> I(may)
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