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viet doan van bang tieng anh gioi thieu ve truong dai hoc can tho
Ngoại ngữ 15/04/2012 Đăng bởi Chưa đặt tên
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   Cuu Long (Mekong Delta), covering about 4 million hectares of natural land with over 17 million people, is the largest agricultural production throughout the country, is such as the rice bowl of Vietnam. Apart from food, there are resources in the Mekong Delta fruit, aquatic products exported in large reserves and species diversity. This is new territory rich, beautiful landscape, lush fruit all year round.
   In recent years, many policies of the Party and State have a positive impact, as major changes in production and agricultural development in the Mekong Delta brings prosperity to all. Entering the new millennium, with the requirements of industrialization - modernization of the country, many problems on the basis of theoretical and practical science, the strategic planning of regional development poses urgent questions for scientists and governments at all levels participate in the study, explained to investors, mining and most effective use of human resources and rich resources, the region's diversity.
   Can Tho University (CTU), training institutions and universities graduate of the State's key in the MD, is a cultural center - the region's science and technology. School has been continuously improved and developed, from a small number of initial training programs, the University has strengthened and developed into a multidisciplinary multi-disciplinary field. Currently 76 schools to train specialized universities, 28 specialized high school eight majors and graduate students a specialized colleges.
   The main task of the School is training, scientific research (scientific research), technology transfer for economic development - in the society. Along with training, CTU has actively involved the scientific research program, the application of scientific techniques to solve problems in science, technology, economic, cultural and social region. From the results of scientific research projects and international cooperation, the University has created many products, process technologies for production, living and exports, creating prestigious domestic and international .
   CTU enlisted the active support of local authorities in the Mekong Delta area of ​​training, scientific and technical cooperation and technology transfer. The school has expanded cooperation with scientific and technical international organizations, universities and research institutions around the world. Through collaboration, management capacity and expertise of staff is enhanced, facilities, laboratory equipment, scientific information document added.
15/04/2012 Đăng bởi khactu_96
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