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viet doan van bang tieng anh noi ve noi o cua ban
co ai giup minh viet bai nay voi
Thi cử 03/04/2011 Đăng bởi lê duy khánh
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viết bằng TV rồi vào google dịch để xài tạm vây,
03/04/2011 Đăng bởi Goodluck
2 trong số 10
bạn học lớp mấy vậy? mình phải biết bạn học lớp mấy thì mới tùy cơ ứng biến vào bài của bạn dc!^^
03/04/2011 Đăng bởi Đỗ Minh Phương
3 trong số 10
Bạn có thể tham khảo bài sau, mô tả ngôi nhà mà mình đang ở (Describe the house you are living in):

The house I am living in is situated in the suburb of Hanoi/HCM city, within thirty minutes drive off the city center. We have lived there for more than twenty years. This is a fairly large house surrounded with a beautiful garden.

My house consists of four bed-rooms, a living-room, a bathroom with a shower, a dinning-room, a kitchen and a toilet. It is air-conditioned and well-furnished. The living-room is decorated beautifully. Paintings by famous artists are hung on the walls. At night, the color neon lights increase the beauty and coziness of the room. There, on Sundays and holidays my father usually spends his time playing chess or drinking tea with his friends. My mother and my younger sisters are kind and hard-working women. They often keep the house clean and tidy.

On hot days of summer, we usually take meals in the garden, under a big tree. It is fairly cool and quiet here. We enjoy our meals in the melodious twitters of birds. On stormy and rainy nights, all family members gather in the living-room, watching television or telling each other about their daily activities.

I love my house very much because it is the place where I was born and have grown up in the education of my father and in the tender loving care of my mother. I have spent my whole childhood in the love and affection of my dear ones with so many sweet memories.
03/04/2011 Đăng bởi Nam™
4 trong số 10
mua sách về mà chép fahasa bán nhóc
12/04/2011 Đăng bởi buidangthanhnhan
5 trong số 10
gan nha ban co nhung gi
25/11/2012 Đăng bởi Chưa đặt tên
6 trong số 10
nha toi co mot cai gieng o ben phai
25/11/2012 Đăng bởi Chưa đặt tên
7 trong số 10
08/12/2012 Đăng bởi Chưa đặt tên
8 trong số 10
hi,cac cau bi dien het rui can gi phai mua sach ton tien, ma can gi phai viet tv roi len mang dich phi thoi gian, tot nhat la len mang chep la xong vua an toan lai hieu qua tuch thi
29/01/2013 Đăng bởi Chưa đặt tên
9 trong số 10
cai gi ha con cho lon nha may may la cai tha gi ma
tao phai cha loi may
29/01/2013 Đăng bởi Chưa đặt tên
10 trong số 10
hong nhung8a1
an binh
thuan thanh
bac ninh
05/09/2013 Đăng bởi Chưa đặt tên
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thuyet minh tieng viet cua phim bang 321
viet ve hoat dong hang ngay cua ban bang tieng viet roi dich sang tieng anh
co bao nhieu nhom nhac han quoc noi tieng
cac ban noi cho minh biet truong cao dang Bach Viet Da Dang la truong cong lap hay dan lap !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tieng anh ma phat am ko chuan thi nguoi ta co hieu noi ko nhi
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