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Có chuyện  gì vậy? ­­­­> What's up?
Dạo này ra sao rồi? ­­­­> How's it going?
Dạo này đang làm gì? ­­­­> What have  you been doing?
Ngoại ngữ 28/03/2011 Đăng bởi Chưa đặt tên
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hey girl come with me how many
28/03/2011 Đăng bởi vladimir
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The first thing I want to say sorry to everybody if this is a spam.
I post it here so that I can read it at company, I'm learning EL myself.

800 basic words
Come get give go keep act make put seem take be do have say see send may will about across after against

among  at before between by down from in off on over through to under up with as , for of till than a the all any every no other some such , that this I she he you who and because but or if though , while how when where why again ever far forward here near now out still the there together well almost enough even little much not only quite so very tomorrow yesterday north south east west please yes account act addition adjustment advertisement agreement air amount amusement animal answer apparatus approval argument art attack attempt attention authority back balance base baheviour belief birth bit , bite blood blow body brass bread , breath brother building burn burst business butter canvas vare cause chalk , chance change cloth coal colour comfort company committee comparison competition , condition connection control cook copper copy cork cotton cough country cover crack credit crime crush cry current curve damage danger daughter day death debt decision degree design desire destruction dedail development digestion direction discovery discussion discuss disgust distance distribution division doubt drink driving dust earth edge education effect , end error event example exchange existence expansion experience expert fact fall family father , fear feeling fiction field fight fire flame flight flower fold food force form friend front fruit glass fold government grain , grass grip group growth guide harbour harmony hate hearing heat help history hole hope hour humour ice idea impulse increase industry ink insect instrument insurance interest intervention iron jelly join journey judge jump kick kiss knowledge land language laugh law lead learning leather , letter level lift light limit linen liquid list look loss love machine man manager mark market mass meal measure meat meeting memory meatle , middle milk mind mine minute mist money month morning mother motion mountain move music name nation need news night noise note number observaiion offer oil operation opinion order organisation or name own page pain paint person place plant play pleasure point poison polish porter position power price power print process produce , profit property prose protest pull punishment purpose push quality question rain range rate ray reaction reading reason record regret relation religion representative request respect rest reward rhythm rice river road roll room rub rule run salt    sand scale science , sea seat secretary selection self sense servant sex shade shake shame shock side sign silk silver sister size sky sleep slip slope smash smell smile smoke sneeze snow soap society son song sort sound soup space stage start statement steam. steel step stitch stone stop story stretch structure substance sugar suggestion summer support surprise swim system talk taste , tax teaching tendency test theory thing thought. thunder time tin top touch trade transport trick trouble turn , twist unit use value verse vessel view voice walk war wash waste water wave wax way weather week weight wind wine winter woman wood word work wound writing year. angle , ant apple arch arm army baby bag ball band basin basket bath bed bee bell berry Bird blade board boat bone book boot bottle box boy brain brake branch brick bridge brush bucket bulb button cake camera card carriage cart cat chain cheese chest chin church circle clock cloud coat collar comb cord cow cup curtain cushion dog door drain drawer dross drop ear egg engine eye face farm feather finger fish flag floor fly food fork fowl frame garden girl glove goat gun hair hammer hand hat head heart hook horn horse hospital house island jewel kettle key knee knife knot leaf leg library line lip lock map match monkey moon mouth muscle nail neck needle nerve net nose nut office orange oven parcel pen pencil picture pig pin pipe planet pot pocket potato prison pump rail rat receipt ring rod roof root school scissors scene seed sheep shelf ship shirt shoe skin skirt snake sock spade sponge spoon spring square stamp star station stem stick stocking stomach store streel sun table tail thread throat thumb ticket toe tongue tooth town train tray tree troussers  , umbrella wall watch wheel whip whistle , window wing wine worm. able acid angry , automatic beautiful black boiling bright , broken brown cheap chemical chief clean clear common plex conscious cut deep dependen early elastic electric equal fat fertile first fixed flat free frequent full general good great grey hanging happy hard healthy high hollow important kind like living long male married material medical military natural necessary new normal open parallel past physical political poor possible present private probable quick quiet ready red regular responsible right round same second separate serious , sharp smooth sticky stiff straight strong sudden sweet tall thick tight tired true violent waiting warm wet wide wise yellow young. awake bad bent bitter blue certain cold complete cruel , dark dead dear delicate different dirty dry false feeble  female foolish future green ill last late lept loose loud low mixed narrow old opposite public rough sad safe secret short shut simple slow small soft solid special strange thin white wrong.
29/03/2011 Đăng bởi Tiumiu
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The first thing I want to say sorry to everybody if this is a spam.
I post it here so that I can read it at company, I'm learning EL myself.

2009 1 NEW TOEIC  Part 5 / 6

- Part 5 와 Part 6를 연속적으로 23분을 재고 속도감 있게 풀어보세요, 모두들 팟팅! *^^

101. Businesses wait to be sure of an economic recovery but consumers are getting more ------- about the job market.
(A) optimist
(B) optimistic
(C) optimistically
(D) optimists

102. The ------- will be chaired by Mr. Sheldon, one of the most innovative directors in the company.
(A) category
(B) qualification
(C) committee
(D) productivity

103. The interest rate on housing loans dropped ------- 2.1 percent last month and is expected to go down further over the next few weeks.
(A) as
(B) to
(C) in
(D) since

104. The desert shop specializes in cookies made of chocolate, but ------- are available.
(A) other
(B) the other
(C) another
(D) others

105. ------- the replacement parts are delivered by tomorrow, we will have more complaints from retailers and customers.
(A) Such as
(B) Given
(C) Unless
(D) Only if

106. Training sessions for all departmental supervisors will be held ------- the conference room.
(A) on
(B) of
(C) as
(D) in
107. For the people ------- were affected by the earthquake, the non-profit organization has asked for more aid.
(A) they
(B) whose
(C) who
(D) which

108. Among the ------- candidates for the position, Mr. Clark has the most experience in retail sales.
(A) likely
(B) conditional
(C) relied
(D) original

109. There is a ------- demand for video disc drives that are compatible with multiple disc formats.
(A) grow
(B) growing
(C) grew
(D) grows

110. Mr. Howard has ------- confidence in his computer programming skills that he never says no when asked to create utility software.
(A) another
(B) plenty
(C) such
(D) almost

111. The customer returned his order saying its switch was defective, and the online store agreed to ------- the full amount to his account.
(A) magnify
(B) credit
(C) discontinue
(D) charge

112. The management should realize that ------- out a loan is only a temporary solution to the company's financial problems.
(A) was taken
(B) taking
(C) having been taken
(D) taken
113. The CEO was very pleased with the results of the latest sales campaign ------- gave the sales manger a bonus.
(A) if so
(B) furthermore
(C) and
(D) then

114. A good manager should ------- try to create an atmosphere of trust and cooperation.
(A) always
(B) nearly
(C) well
(D) far

115. The swimming pool had to be closed due to a ------- of funds for maintenance.
(A) level
(B) shortage
(C) range
(D) record

116. In order to maintain its good reputation, the restaurant does its best to serve the guests ------- and in a courteous manner.
(A) quick
(B) quicker
(C) quickness
(D) quickly

117. The head of sales department asked Mr. Karawara to turn in his sales report ------- noon today so that he could set the deadline.
(A) up to
(B) for
(C) till
(D) by

118. The extension of the deadline has enabled most of the sales representatives to complete their ------- on time.
(A) propose
(B) proposing
(C) proposal
(D) proposed

119. For over 20 years, Mr. Richardson has been a ------- member of the Green Club to volunteer his time to educate the public about recycling.
(A) first
(B) regular
(C) valued
(D) durable

120. After tremendous success of his first clothing shop, the designer has ------- to open another.
(A) picked
(B) decided
(C) settled
(D) established

121. It is surprising to see ------- much broadband Internet connection fees have dropped over the last year.
(A) thus
(B) how
(C) moreover
(D) because

122. ------- the cash register, you should first open the cash drawer with your key and punch in your employee number.
(A) Use
(B) To use
(C) Used
(D) Using

123. Economic experts agree that the merger will prove ------- rewarding, and that profits will soar in the near future.
(A) mutually
(B) lately
(C) exactly
(D) approximately

124. We are ------- that the proposal will meet with the approval of all parties concerned.
(A) confidence
(B) confide
(C) confident
(D) confidently

125. Even though the assistant manager, Mr. Schropp appeared unwilling ------- to a new post, he was persuaded by his family to accept it.
(A) transfer
(B) to transfer
(C) transferring
(D) to transferring

126. Property values dropped at an ------- rate, and some property owners tried to minimize the loss by selling their land.
(A) alarming
(B) enlarging
(C) according
(D) escaping

127. The fire insurance policy for the office building should be renewed on ------- before the 15th of this month.
(A) when
(B) neither
(C) either
(D) or

128. Mr. Garcia will already ------- his presentation on the new manufacturing process by the time you reach the convention center.
(A) finished
(B) have finished
(C) finishing
(D) finish

129. Consumers these days ------- about the amount of fat and sugar in food products.
(A) concern
(B) discern
(C) allow
(D) care

130. Mr. Toshi was elected to the city council, but has not officially started to carry out the duties -------.
(A) will be involved
(B) involves
(C) involving
(D) involved

131. In spite of all their efforts and repeated negotiations, the opposing parties have yet to reach a -------.
(A) benefit
(B) proposal
(C) fondness
(D) settlement

132. Effective managers use the Internet and read economic journals to keep themselves ------- about current trends in overseas trade.
(A) inform
(B) informative
(B) informing
(D) informed

133. According to the latest news report, the government has decided to raise income tax rates for ------- with high incomes.
(A) that
(B) this
(C) those
(D) these

134. The new marketing ------- that was adopted by the firm has proved very effective.
(A) has approached
(B) approach
(C) to approach
(D) approaches

135. This banquet room is the place where the company ------- most of its seminars and meetings.
(A) holds
(B) decides
(C) occurs
(D) identifies

136. We ask that you watch road signs and walk on the left so that cyclists can pass at a ------- speed.
(A) reducing
(B) reduces
(C) reduction
(D) reduced

137. Even though the grand opening of the new Italian restaurant was ------- than expected, many people were happy with the food quality it served.
(A) late
(B) more lately
(C) lateness
(D) later

138. It was just last month that Mr. Oretga retired after 20 years of service ------- the company.
(A) forward
(B) during
(C) among
(D) to

139. Most experts agree that genetically ------- foods should be allowed on the market after health officials confirm they are safe.
(A) modify
(B) modifying
(C) to modify
(D) modified

140. All applicants for the position are required to complete the ------- at the front desk and submit them.
(A) form
(B) formation
(C) formed
(D) forms

141-143 refer to the following letter
David Williams
125 Clancy Lane
Dearborn, Mi

Dear Mr. Williams,
This is to let you know that we ------- your cancellation of your purchase order
141. (A) were received
(B) receiving
(C) have received
(D) will receive

We also understand the reasons for your cancellations, as detailed in your letter.
I'm very sorry about the problems you ------- while trying to order our products.
142. (A) encountered
(B) caused
(C) extended
(D) transferred

It seems that our online system overcharged other customers, too. This experience has shown us that we need to work on our online shop to make it more efficient. We are doing everything possible to ensure that this problem doesn't happen again.
We value you as a customer, and your satisfaction is our biggest -------.
143. (A) priority
(B) problem
(C) concerning
(D) sincerity
I have enclosed a coupon for 50 percent off any future purchase if you ever decide to shop with us again.
I hope you accept my sincerest apologies.

Truly yours,
Edward capriciano
Capri Inc.

144-146 refer to the following memo.
To : All Employees
From : Mark Schmidt, CFO
RE: Waste disposal

It has come to my ------- that we have been spending too much money
144. (A) intention
(B) attention
(C) extension
(D) opposition
on paper over the past year. -------, most of the paper in our office that
145. (A) Therefore
(B) Although
(C) In fact
(D) So as
we throw in the trash can be recycled, which will in turn save us money. We can also use both sides of the paper for un important documents, and that means less trash. Less trash means that we cut down on our waste disposal expenses. We will also be buying less paper. This makes so much more sense ------- and environmentally.
146. (A) economy
(B) economic
(C) economical
(D) economically
This is why we have decided to start a paper recycling program. I will distribute a list of the type of paper items in our office that can be recycled. If you have any used paper on the list, please dispose of it in the specially marked bins near the employee lounge.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Mark Schimidt, CFO

147-149 refer to the following memo.
To : All sales department staff
From : Carlo Juliani, Vice President, Sales department
Date : Oct. 6, 2008

On Monday, Oct. 13, from 10:30 to 13:00, there ------- a luncheon meeting
147. (A) was
(B) has been
(C) will be
(D) had
in the conference room to review the results of the last quarter covering July through September and to evaluate the outlook and the targets for the next quarter. All section heads should be ready to report ------- on the figures for both periods.
148. (A) brief
(B) briefed
(C) briefness
(D) briefly
The guest speaker, Mr. Solomon of Solomon consultants, will provide an in -depth forecast on the trends in the Asian markets.
His ------- is scheduled for the latter half of the meeting and is expected to at one hour.
149. (A) interview
(B) talk
(C) training
(D) writing
Our CEO, Sam Jordan, will wrap up the meeting by announcing winners and handing out prizes for the sales campaign that ended in September.

150-152 refer to the following notice.
To the Users of Prosonic TV Sets.

We sincerely apologize for the ------- raised among the users of our television sets.
150. (A) mistake
(B) concern
(C) popularity
(D) complexity

The few incidents of fires caused by defective parts have been traced to a particular transformer used in a limited number of sets made between January and February of 2008. If you own a 21-inch Brightron manufactured between January and February of 1995, please bring it in to a Prosonic dealer ------- a free replacement of the parts before April 30, 2008.
151. (A) with
(B) as
(C) for
(D) except
Prosonic will make every effort to correct the defect and not let a similar product defect ------- again. We thank you for your patronage.
152. (A) occur
(B) occurring
(C) be occurred
(D) occurs

Masayoshi Takada
President, Prosonic Corporation.

101. B 102. C 103. B 104. D 105. C 106. D 107. C 108. A 109. B 110. C
111. B 112. B 113. C 114. A 115. B 116. D 117. D 118. C 119. C 120. B
121. B 122. B 123. A 124. C 125. B 126. A 127. D 128. B 129. D 130 D
131. D 132. D 133. C 134. B 135. A 136. D 137. D 138. D 139. D 140. D
141. C 142. A 143. A 144. B 145. C 146. D 147. C 148. D 149. B 150. B
151. C 152. A
29/03/2011 Đăng bởi Tiumiu
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The first thing I want to say sorry to everybody if this is a spam.
I post it here so that I can read it at company, I'm learning EL myself.

101. Our office security door is scheduled to _______ this week so all staff members are required to return their security cards to the front desk.
(A) replace
(B) replaced
(C) being replaced
(D) be replaced

102. The post office will be closed at 5p.m. on Thursday  ______ holiday weekend.
(A) since      
(B) due to      
(C) while      
(D) as if

103. As we were running short of time, we forced Mr. Owens, the chief technician in charge, to stay and work late by ______.
(A) he
(B) him
(C) his
(D) himself

104. If Tom Green officially resigns, Jeff Salas, the president and CEO of the company, is expected to appoint Adam Lopez to ______ Tom Green.
(A) deposit
(B) predict
(C) operate
(D) succeed

105. The company’s share price has _______ doubled since June.
(A) ever
(B) much more
(C) more than
(D) even more

106. The company spokesperson said that the company has reported a drop in net income for five _______ quarters.
(A) constant    
(B) following    
(C) consecutive    
(D) immediate

107. LCG Corp. is involved in the manufacture, sale, and _______ of its own home appliances items.
(A) repetition
(B) exception
(C) distribution
(D) solution

108. Follow _______ steps listed on the first page of the manual and your username does not have to be the same as your website address.
(A) most of    
(B) all    
(C) much        
(D) almost

109. To stay with local people and gain practical experience, Volunteer helpers work an average of 4 hours per day _______ food and accommodation.
(A) in exchange for    
(B) exchanging of    
(C) with exchange  
(D) exchanges

110. Due to the students with nut allergies, when bringing shared food to school, please _______ from bringing food that contains nuts of any kind.
(A) result      
(B) benefit      
(C) refrain        
(D) succeed

111. The discounted _______ for the Auto Show are valid for admission on weekdays from February 2 to 10.
(A) tickets        
(B) ticketing        
(C) ticketed          
(D) ticket

112. We, at HTL are _______ that the new project of the company will succeed.
(A) convincing      
(B) convinces      
(C) convinced        
(D) convincement

113. The new video game “Super Junior” will be released ________ three weeks.
(A) by      
(B) with        
(C) from          
(D) in
114. The following companies have indicated that they will be _______ new products at their booth for this year’s event.
(A) introduce        
(B) introducing
(C) introduced      
(D) introduces

115. The supervisor _______ advised his staff to attend the monthly staff development seminar.
(A) he
(B) him
(C) his
(D) himself

116. If you pay on a cash basis, you can take advantage _______ a 5 percent discount.
(A) on      
(B) with        
(C) from          
(D) of

117. Every effort is _______ to solve the problems we are experiencing at the moment.
(A) make      
(B) making    
(C) being made        
(D) makes

118. International Cooperative Nursery School will be closed for the _______ of the week.
(A) remaining
(B) remainder
(C) remained
(D) remain

119. The school’s educational philosophy is based on the premise that children learn _______ hands-on involvement with activities which they are motivated to learn.
(A) through
(B) by
(C) for
(D) since

120. The study is subject to a thorough review by specialists in the field ________ the publication.
(A) in fact  
(B) former  
(C) prior to  
(D) wherever

121. _____ of the people in this interview wanted to disclose their name so I could not tape the interview or take pictures for this reason.
(A) None  
(B) Anyone  
(C) Whoever  
(D) Something

122. Children will only be admitted into the concert stadium _______ accompanied by an adult.
(A) unless    
(B) now that
(C) since  
(D) if

123. Those attending the seminar next week need to contact Ms. Simpson to _______  flight arrangements.
(A) discuss about    
(B) talk
(C) talk to  
(D) talk about

124. Governor Carcieri Asked who was in _______ during the snowstorm in his absence.
(A) appreciation    
(B) charge
(C) description  
(D) apologies

125. In August 2007 the Post Office began an _______ program selling the plus Zip Code extension to businesses.
(A) experiment      
(B) experimental    
(C) experiments  
(D) experimented

126. Absenteeism is the habit of _______ being away from work or school, usually without a good reason.
(A) frequent    
(B) frequently    
(C) frequency    
(D) frequented
127. NeonHorizon is a small web design company based in Milton Keynes, which specializes in clear and to the _______ websites for small businesses.
(A) grade    
(B) feet    
(C) point    
(D) spot

128. By the time the technicians discovered the computer problems, most of the important files _______.
(A) had been disappeared
(B) will have disappeared
(C) disappear
(D) had disappeared

129. 90 percent of the respondents said they would undertake the research and development projects as _______ in order to strengthen productivity.
(A) plan  
(B) planning    
(C) planned    
(D) plans

130. The company has launched an internal inquiry into the disappearance of a computer disk thought to contain highly _______ client information.
(A) sensitive
(B) courteous  
(C) affordable
(D) competitive

131. The on- campus stationery is entirely run by students under the _______ of a few faculty members.
(A) attendance
(B) sight
(C) provision
(D) supervision

132. _______ a low-price policy, we will offer competitive prices and quality services to the customers.
(A) According to
(B) Further
(C) Instead
(D) However

133. Our agency has been _______ with the responsibility of gathering all pertinent information.
(A) appointed
(B) hired
(C) obligated
(D) charged

134. The audience thanked her with six standing ovations, which was _______ remarkable considering that the concert was nearly canceled.
(A) most of
(B) all the more
(C) many more
(D) too much

135. The company always sends invoices ________  from the book orders unless requested otherwise by the buyer.
(A) jointly
(B) separately
(C) diversely
(D) partially

136. CHJ`s affiliates this year dropped to 64 from 97 as it _______ sold or merged some operations.
(A) both
(B) either
(C) and
(D) or

137. Recent economic indicators suggest _______ private spending, slowly recovering from a two-year slump, is gaining momentum.
(A) for
(B) that
(C) what
(D) how

138. _______ we had done for the last six months was a great achievement and an important step for SAT Committee members.
(A) that
(B) what
(C) when
(D) where

139. Google said it planned to notify users _______ access had been restricted on certain search terms.
(A) when
(B) what
(C) which
(D) where

140. The negotiations have been delayed due to differences on _______ to publicize the negotiations.
(A) that
(B) whether or not
(C) because
(D) if

Questions 141-143 refer to the following letter.
Dear Sirs

Translation Brochure

I should be grateful if you would send _______ your brochure and price list about your translation services.
141. (A) we
(B) ours
(C) us
(D) ourselves

We are _________ developing our web sites and are interested in translating these into five languages
142. (A) instantly
(B) currently
(C) eagerly
(D) quickly

_______ from English.
143. (A) apart
(B) among
(C) against
(D) benefit

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully

Andrea Philips

Andrea Philips
Marketing Manager

Questions 144-146 refer to the following welcome letter.

Dear Adrienne,

Welcome to our Team!

It is a pleasure to welcome you to the staff of KC Electronics. We are excited to have you join our team, and we hope that you will enjoy working with our company.

On the first Monday of each month we _______ a special staff lunch to welcome any new employees.
144. (A) will hold
(B) hold
(C) holding
(D) held

Please be sure to come next week to meet all of our senior staff and any other new staff members who have joined us this month. Alice Peters will e-mail you with further _______.
145. (A) details
(B) detail
(C) detailing
(D) detailed

If you have any questions during your training period, please _______ hesitate to contact me. You can reach me at my email address or on my office line at 340-2222.
146. (A) not
(B) do not
(C) no
(D) none

Warm regards,
Jackie Morris, Sales Manager

Questions 147-149 refer to the following e-mail.

Dear Mrs. Waters,

I am writing to provide formal notice of my resignation from Fielders Pharmacy. My last day will be February 14th, 2009.

I trust that two weeks is sufficient notice for you to find a _________ for my position.
147. (A) complaint
(B) receipt
(C) replacement
(D) promotion

I would be _______ to help train the individual you choose to take my place.
148. (A) please
(B) pleased
(C) pleasing
(D) pleases

Thank you for employing me for the past three years. My experience as clerk, supervisor, and floor manager has been very _______ and I'm confident that I will use many of the skills I have learned at Fielders in the future.
149. (A) notable
(B) positive
(C) cautious
(D) prevalent

If you have any concerns, please contact me at my personal email address.
All the best,

Annie Wright

Questions 150-152 refer to the following letter.

Dear Valued Customer:

Our records show that you have been a customer of PJ Party Inc. _______ our grand opening last year. We would like
150. (A) whether
(B) despite
(C) since
(D) although

to thank you for your business by inviting you to our preferred customer Spring Extravaganza this Saturday.

Saturday's sales event is by invitation _______. All of our stock, including pajamas and bedding will be marked down
151. (A) only
(B) just
(C) through
(D) still

from 50-80% off.* Doors open at 9:00 AM sharp. Complimentary coffee and donuts will be served. Public admission will commence at noon.

In addition, please accept the enclosed $10 gift certificate to use with your purchase of $75 or more.

We look forward to seeing you at PJ's on Saturday. Please bring this invitation with you and _______ it at the door.
152. (A) permit
(B) represent
(C) present
(D) express

Linda Lane

Linda Lane
Store Manage

101. (D) 102. (B) 103. (D) 104. (D) 105. (C) 106. (C) 107. (C)
108. (B) 109. (A) 110. (C) 111. (A) 112. (C) 113. (D) 114. (B)
115. (D) 116. (D) 117. (C) 118. (B) 119. (A) 120. (C) 121. (A)
122. (D) 123. (D) 124. (B) 125. (B) 126. (B) 127. (C) 128. (D)
129. (C) 130. (A) 131. (D) 132. (A) 133. (D) 134. (B) 135. (B)
136. (B) 137. (B) 138. (B) 139. (A) 140. (B) 141. (C) 142. (B)
143. (A) 144. (B) 145. (A) 146. (B) 147. (C) 148. (B) 149. (B)
150. (C) 151. (A) 152. (C)
29/03/2011 Đăng bởi Tiumiu
5 trong số 6
The first thing I want to say sorry to everybody if this is a spam.
I post it here so that I can read it at company, I'm learning EL myself.

2009년 1월 예상

1. In times of -----, the price of precious metals such as gold generally increases dramatically.
(A) prosperity
(B) prospering
(C) prosperous
(D) prosper

2. The Judge became furious when her ----- was questioned by the plaintiffs attorney.
(A) neutralize
(B) neutralization
(C) neutrally
(D) neutrality

3. The enclosed brochure will assist customers to make a ----- on whether to buy or try the new software.
(A) deciding
(B) decision
(C) decide
(D) decided

4. They were fined for holding a boxing match without the official ----- of the state Boxing Commission.
(A) approving
(B) approval
(C) to approve
(D) approved

5. ----- show that less competition and poor service are usually the result of government regulation in the telecommunications business.
(A) Study
(B) Studies
(C) Studying
(D) Studied

6. Market researchers have presented ----- that companies with small market shares will suffer a great deal throughout the course of the year.
(A) evidence
(B) evident
(C) evidential
(D) evidently

7. An arbitrator must listen ----- to both parties in a dispute and not allow personal prejudice or opinion to affect his or her decision.
(A) objection
(B) objective
(C) objects
(D) objectively

8. All the plants inside and outside the office need to be watered -----.
(A) period
(B) periodical
(C) periodic
(D) periodically

9. In fact, within two years, it is not unusual for a management trainee to receive multiple promotions and increase his or her income -----.
(A) substantiation
(B) substantial
(C) substantiate
(D) substantially

10. Please fasten your seat belt ----- and bring back the rest of your seat to its vertical position.
(A) security
(B) secure
(C) secured
(D) securely

11. Please provide all of the information as ----- as possible to enable your request to be properly processed.
(A) clear
(B) clearer
(C) clarity
(D) clearly

12. Military spending cuts have ----- impacted manufacturing business in the United States.
(A) strong
(B) strongly
(C) strength
(D) strengthen

13. The report was ----- written and must be reviewed and redone.
(A) poor
(B) poorly
(C) poorest
(D) poorer

14. This rebate offer is only available with the purchase of a new Novatel modem and the customer must ----- maintain OmniSky Wireless Service a minimum of six months.
(A) continue
(B) continuation
(C) continuous
(D) continuously

15. Safety regulations have recently been reinforced to protect workers who work in ----- hazardous jobs.
(A) potential
(B) potentialize
(C) potentially
(D) potentiality

16. The European trade discussions came to an end with the representatives ----- supporting the call for a free trade zone.
(A) completely
(B) completeness
(C) complete
(D) completed

17. Our direct-deposit service has turned out to be ----- attractive to our customers.
(A) extreme
(B) extremely
(C) extremity
(D) extremes

18. The Club's nine versatile meeting and banquet rooms ----- accommodate a small executive meeting of ten or a large reception of five hundred.
(A) beauty
(B) beautiful
(C) beautifully
(D) beautify

19. This Bed & Breakfast house can provide comfortable accommodations at a ----- price.
(A) reasonable
(B) reason
(C) reasonably
(D) reasoning

20. The network is not ----- at this time due to software failure.
(A) accessible
(B) accessed
(C) accessing
(D) access

21. Most of our door-to-door salesmen prefer to live in the area they serve because it is more ----- for them.
(A) convenient
(B) convened
(C) convenience
(D) conveniently

22. Though baseball purists prefer that the game be played in the open-air, most modern ballparks are ----- in either fixed or retractable roof domed stadiums.
(A) enclose
(B) enclosing
(C) enclosure
(D) enclosed

23. According to Jenkins, a new highspeed machine will ------- that will cut the patterns for the gloves in half the time it takes now.
(A) be installing
(B) be installed
(C) install
(D) have installed

24. The inspectors' recommendations ----- that the company needs to increase its production.
(A) indicate
(B) are indicated
(C) to indicate
(D) indicating

25. At Good Brothers Inc. we want our employees to be the most competitive individuals in their fields so we put great emphasis ----- training and career growth.
(A) to
(B) between
(C) out
(D) on

26. This packing system, ----- ensures a total vacuum to retain freshness and flavor for a long period, is used in more than 200 food-processing plants.
(A) who
(B) which
(C) what
(D) whose

27. Although we requested that we ----- a room with garden view when we made the reservation, we were taken to a sea view room when we arrived.
(A) have given
(B) were giving
(C) gave
(D) be given

28. Constant quality improvement is intended to maintain our competitiveness and ---- us for the challenges of the future.
(A) to prepare
(B) preparing
(C) prepared
(D) have prepared

29. Among other reasons, annual reports are published ----- an informed reader may interpret and evaluate the performance and prospects of a company accurately.
(A) in case of
(B) moreover
(C) so that
(D) even though

30. I was a member of the Country Club's Recreation committee ----- it was first established, but I quit after a few months.
(A) nevertheless
(B) still
(C) when
(D) since

31. ----- I have exchanged email and memos with the Regional Vice President, I have never met him in person.
(A) Except
(B) Although
(C) Unlike
(D) However

32. The rebuilt plane will be ready for use next week ----- we can get the local and federal approvals for the repairs.
(A) otherwise
(B) if
(D) instead

33. Contest entry forms will be discarded ----- accompanied by a proof of purchase of one of the company's products.
(A) nevertheless
(B) as long as
(C) therefore
(D) unless

34. Even though the boss encouraged you to put ----- idea into effect, you ignored him and now someone else has done it and received all the credit.
(A) you
(B) your
(C) yourself
(D) yours

35. The green skis and black boots belong to my sister and the gray skis and boots are -----.
(A) I
(B) mine
(C) myself
(D) my

36. When the golf cart broke down, Mr. Lucas and the other golfers in his group made it worse when they tried to repair it by ----- instead of calling for help.
(A) they
(B) their
(C) them
(D) themselves

37. Of the several plants, one plant gets 50% of its energy needs from solar power while ----- uses windmills to produce 28% of its energy.
(A) another
(B) others
(C) another
(D) the others

38. The boxers may have appeared angry in the ring, but in fact they have a great deal of respect and admiration for -----.
(A) ones
(B) the others
(C) others
(D) each other

39. Constant exercise has been proven ----- health benefits for people of all ages and occupations.
(A) have
(B) to have
(C) having
(D) had

40. All students are welcome to ----- their suggestions about ways to improve the teaching system at this institute.
(A) contribution
(B) contributable
(C) contribute
(D) contributing
41. All of the Seashore Hotel's staff are committed to ----- top-quality service and a comfortable environment for their guests.
(A) provision
(B) provided
(C) providing
(D) provider

42. The food division is considering ----- a new line of gourmet spices in select areas next summer.
(A) to introduce
(B) introducing
(C) introduce
(D) introduced

43. Please refrain from ----- cellular phones during the lecture.
(A) use
(B) uses
(C) using
(D) to use

44. ----- messages is the responsibility of a secretary.
(A) Taking
(B) Taken
(C) Took
(D) Take

45. A job used to be obtained ----- in the past than it is now.
(A) easiest
(B) more easily
(C) easily
(D) easier

46. This new coffee machine makes cappuccino froth ----- more efficiently than the old one.
(A) much
(B) so
(C) really
(D) very

47. This is by far one of the ----- jobs Mrs. Rita has ever taken in her entire career as a laboratory technician.
(A) challenging
(B) more challenged
(C)most challenging
(D) more challenging

48. Those who do not pick up their season tickets by August 20 ----- their stadium seats.
(A) forfeit
(B) will forfeit
(C) will have forfeited
(D) forfeited

49. The road was very muddy because it ---- all night.
(A) rained
(B) rains
(C) will be rained
(D) have rained

50. All employees are expected and ----- to exercise care when leaving e-mail messages within the company.
(A) required
(B) have required
(C) require
(D) requiring

51. The new facilities are both more ----- and modern.
(A) conveniences
(B) convenient
(C) convenience
(D) conveniently

52. If you write the memo tonight, I will copy ----- distribute it in the morning.
(A) and
(B) so
(C) as
(D) in

53. Vortex Medical is a well known leader in manufacturing medical equipment for its ---- patents.
(A) number
(B) numerous
(C) numerical
(D) numeral

54. According to the poll, ----- factors may not affect election results, unless of course turnout is low.
(A) each other
(B) another
(C) others
(D) other

1. A 2. D 3. B 4. B 5. B 6. A 7. D 8. D 9. D 10. D
11. D 12. B 13. B 14. D 15. C 16. A 17. B 18. C 19. A 20. A
21. A 22. D 23. B 24. A 25. D 26. B 27. D 28. A 29. C 30. C
31. B 32. B 33. D 34. B 35. B 36. D 37. C 38. D 39. B 40. C
41. C 42. B 43. C 44. A 45. B 46. A 47. C 48. B 49. A 50. A
51. B 52. A 53. B 54. D
29/03/2011 Đăng bởi Tiumiu
6 trong số 6
The first thing I want to say sorry to everybody if this is a spam.
I post it here so that I can read it at company, I'm learning EL myself.

2009년 1월 NEW TOEIC 예상문제 Part 5 / 6

101. Our output has increased recently, due in part to a rise in productivity ----- the purchase of newer machinery.
(A) as soon as
(B) following
(C) next
(D) in advance

102. Mr. Robinson rose from hotel bellboy to shift manager in just two years because he was so cordial and ----- to guests' needs.
(A) response
(B) responsive
(C) responsible
(D) responsibility

103. We will ----- start carrying a product line of maternity clothing aimed at young women who want to remain fashionable and stylish during their pregnancy.
(A) recently
(B) already
(C) soon
(D) still

104. Both of the floor tile patterns were designed with great care, so please be ----- that whichever you choose will bring years of satisfaction.
(A) assure
(B) assuring
(C) assured
(D) assurance

105. This letter should be ----- to Mr. O'Donnel for his revision and approval.
(A) received
(B) forwarded
(C) contacted
(D) examined

106. ---- of receipt is required for this and all other further correspondence.
(A) Predicament
(B) Completion
(C) Acknowledgement
(D) Combination

107. Inventory control and receiving have become much more ----- since we put both areas under the control of a single department.
(A) manageable
(B) manageably
(C) managing
(D) manage

108. All guests are requested to be ----- dressed for the reception ceremony.
(A) formal
(B) formally
(C) formalness
(D) formalize

109. The unusually bad weather makes it impossible ----- resort guests to go para gliding or scuba diving.
(A) by
(B) with
(C) to
(D) for

110. Because he had implemented orderly and sensible systems, when the CEO took an extended leave of absence, the company flourished on its -----.
(A) alone
(B) solo
(C) single
(D) own

111. Though we do not offer gambling like many other resorts do, our other amusements and scenery continue to ----- many guests.
(A) attraction
(B) attractive
(C) attract
(D) attracting

112. When touring the construction site, visitors must wear a hard hat and ----- protective clothing.
(A) another
(B) each
(C) other
(D) each other

113. ----- in the past four months have almost diminished and are not expected to rise in the near future.
(A) Profit
(B) Profits
(C) Profitable
(D) Profitably

114. The audience was ----- by the prominent Dr. Taylor, whose research is highly admired.
(A) invited
(B) nominated
(C) attended
(D) addressed

115. In keeping with our brand image, names ----- relate to some athletic activity likely to appeal to our target market of teenaged sports enthusiasts.
(A) idea
(B) idealize
(C) ideal
(D) ideally

116. Please enter log-in name and password whenever ----- to do so.
(A) to ask
(B) asking
(C) were asked
(D) asked

117. Because of improving ---- conditions, home ownership is expected to increase across all sectors.
(A) economy
(B) economic
(C) economically
(D) economize

118. ----- it was more expensive than the competitor's products on the market, Free Nomad`s travel bag did not sell well this quarter.
(A) Although
(B) Even if
(C) Since
(D) As if

119. A new packaging system is now in place and we should be capable of ----- goods several hours faster than before.
(A) shipment
(B) to ship
(C) shipping
(D) shipped

120. It is expected that with hard work and dedication, all participants in a ----- of negotiation-skills training courses will succeed.
(A) reference
(B) series
(C) compliance
(D) response

121. The flight information ----- in this reservation slip indicates that the flight is tomorrow and not today.
(A) conducted
(B) connected
(C) contained
(D) confirmed

122. Recreational facilities within walking distance of the Burkstone Hotel ----- a swimming beach and a park with sports fields and picnic tables.
(A) include
(B) are included
(C) including
(D) includes

123. For customers shopping with children, a local supermarket has a designated playing room marked with a ----- visible sign.
(A) clear
(B) cleared
(C) clearing
(D) clearly

124. The position of Morale Officer has remained ----- since Mr. Jones retired two months ago.
(A) unlicensed
(B) unoccupied
(C) located
(D) suppressed

125. ----- projections of this year's sales figures have already been exceeded with a month still remaining.
(A) Initial
(B) Immediate
(C) Outgoing
(D) Growing

126. At our annual board meeting, we decided to release the funds necessary to redesign all work areas to make the office more ----- for staff.
(A) comfort
(B) comforters
(C) comfortable
(D) comfortably

127. The Halco Group hasn't yet come up with ----- improved version of the old model.
(A) they
(B) them
(C) their
(D) themselves

128. Getaway Travel can hold ----- for seats on most airlines for up to 24 hours.
(A) reservations
(B) reserving
(C) reserved
(D) reserve

129. Conference organizers will make every effort to satisfy participants' requests; however, seating ----- will be made on a first-come, first-served basis.
(A) arrange
(B) arrangements
(C) arranging
(D) arranged

130. Cancun, ----- for its beautiful, tranquilizing beach, is a popular vacation sport for American tourists.
(A) is known
(B) was known
(C) known
(D) knowing

131. The Chief Financial Officer argued ----- that the company must abandon its ambitious expansion plans for at least one more year.
(A) persuasion
(B) persuasive
(C) persuasively
(D) persuaded

132. Consumer behavior is one very ----- part of business that determines longevity of a firm.
(A) essential
(B) responsible
(C) unpredictable
(D) interim
133. You should be able to assemble this computer desk easily ----- following step-by-step instructions.
(A) from
(B) by
(C) with
(D) at

134. They changed the campaign slogan when surveys of voting women revealed a strong ----- for less aggressive language.
(A) preference
(B) relation
(C) structure
(D) perception

135. A friendly personality and a courteous behavior ----- for the receptionist position.
(A) are requiring
(B) are required
(C) should require
(D) will require

136. Make sure that all of the signed letters have been put into envelopes ----- being mailed out by this afternoon.
(A) before
(B) through
(C) amid (D) for

137. I took a cab to the meeting at my own -----, even though the company was already paying for group transportation to the meeting site.
(A) charge
(B) responsibility
(C) expense
(D) communication

138. The fact that many workers have a long and expensive ----- to work by either train or automobile was given as a reason.
(A) commute
(B) competition
(C) reference
(D) accusation

139. The recent bankruptcy of one of the ----- appliance companies has had a direct effect on the nation's economy.
(A) leader
(B) led
(C) leadership
(D) leading

140. The recently released version of Eastward's software for detecting computer viruses is far ----- to the last year's.
(A) better
(B) superior
(C) advanced
(D) improved

Questions 141-143 refer to the following letter.

Dear customer,

Effective May 20, all shipments by Surety, Inc. to our exchange terminals ----- by overnight
141. (A) handled
(B) were handled
(C) have handled
(D) will be handled
express. This new procedure will continue through the end of August, ----- we will revert to
142. (A) at which time
(B) that
(C) in time for
(D) depending on
our normal shipping guidelines. We, not our customers, will bear this additional cost as part of our ongoing efforts to ensure customer -----.
143. (A) satisfaction
(B) satisfactory
(C) satisfying
(D) satisfied
This express shipping procedure should allow us to process the backlog of orders generated by the increased media exposure with regard to the Midland situation. If you have questions about arrival dates on your orders, continue to deal directly with your normal contacts.

We want you to know we truly value you as a customer.

Questions 144-146 refer to the following announcement.

Dean’s Department Store ----- the community
144. (A) is serving
(B) had served
(C) will be serving
(D) has been serving
since 1902. We work hard to provide our customers with the latest fashions at the most -----
145. (A) reason
(B) reasons
(C) reasonable
(D) reasonably
prices. In the past, we have offered flexibility in our return policy. However, these policies have been revised to accommodate the changing times.

We are announcing a new return policy on all apparel, both men’s and women’s. Cash refunds require a cash register receipt and all clothing tags must be intact and attached to the garments. Clothing must be returned within 30 days to be eligible for a cash refund. Refunds after 30 days will be made in the form of merchandise exchange only. For an exchange, a receipt is not required. -----,
146. (A) Accordingly
(B) However
(C) Despite
(D) Unlike
you will only be credited for the current price of the item. We regret any inconvenience the new return policy may create. Thank you for your cooperation.

Questions 147-149 refer to the following letter.

Dear Mrs. Zenger

Thank you for your letter of December 21, -----
147. (A) complaints
(B) complaining
(C) will complain
(D) complained
about the conduct of one of our employees.
Please rest assured that we have investigated your complaint and that the person concerned will be severely reprimanded.
Please accept our ----- apologies for any distress
148. (A) sincere
(B) sincerity
(C) sincerest
(D) sincerely
this situation may have caused ----- and be assured
149. (A) you
(B) yours
(C) your own
(D) yourself
that it will never happen again.
Thank you also for bringing this matter to our attention. We place great importance on the conduct of our employees and your complaint will give us the opportunity to remedy any problem that may exist.
Yours Sincerely

Questions 150-152 refer to the following reference letter.


This will confirm that Jonathan Deering has been employed by Electro Corp. for ----- four years.
150. (A) approximately
(B) completely
(C) accidently
(D) exceedingly
----- his tenure of employment, he has displayed a
151. (A) While
(B) Until
(C) During
(D) If
unique ability to identify and solve problems. He has been instrumental in the streamlining our accounting department. His experience in the accounting and finance area has been a valuable asset, one that can be of great value to any company utilizing his services. He is loyal and always places the welfare of the company above all else. His long hours and his patience with employees under him and with management make him an ideal employee. If available, he can certainly count on re-employment with our firm, should the opportunity arise.

Any company considering this individual for employment has my most enthusiastic recommendation. ----- his performance here is any
152. (A) That
(B) So
(C) Although
(D) If
indication, he is destined to achieve new heights in his career, and set new records for his future employer, as he did here.

101. B 102. B 103. C 104. C 105. B 106. C 107. A 108. B 109. D 110. D
111. C 112. C 113. B 114. D 115. D 116. D 117. B 118. C 119. C 120. B
121. C 122. A 123. D 124. B 125. A 126. C 127. C 128. A 129. B 130. C
131. C 132. A 133. B 134. A 135. B 136. A 137. C 138. A 139. D 140. B
141. D 142. A 143. A 144. D 145. C 146. B 147. B 148. C 149. A 150. A
151. C 152. D
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Bạn nào có những câu tiếng anh giao tiếp thông dụng không? sent cho mình nha, thanks you
Để giao tiếp được tiếng trung phải học bao lâu
Tại sao bạn học tiếng Anh?
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